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Stainless steel band is widely used in the sectors of special requirements such as aerospace, spaceflight, automobile spare par, electronic products, medical devices, IT, mobile phone, chemical engineering, textile, solar energy photovoltaic cell, welding materials, etc. It is used for producing connecting shaft of helicopter, head gasket, electronic stamping parts, medical needles, photoetching and etching materials, mobile telephone shell, textile reed, diamond blade, optical cable protective tube, corrugated tube, spring, superhard materials, button cell, solar energy photovoltaic cell substrate, solder strip, etc.

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Ningbo Liheng Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2017,Located at Ningbo city.Zhejiang Province,China.We have been specialized in producing stainless steel band/stainless steel coil/stainless steel plate/stainless steel strip /stainless steel sheet from 2006 till now,We have 3 factories and 1 sales office in different area at Ningbo city,The total production and office area is more than 15,000 square meters, and the team is nearly 200 people. We have a number of Calendaring Machines, slitting machines, edge trimmer production lines, the annual capacity of more than 6000 tons of stainless steel materials, annual sales of 250 million yuan....

Liheng Stainless Steel

Specialized in producing 201/301/304 stainless steel band/stainless steel coil/stainless steel plate/stainless steel strip /stainless steel sheet



1、Years of experience and strong strength

Large scale stainless steel strip production base, integrating research, production and sales, with rich quality and complete types, including SUS301, SUS304, SUS201, etc; The product is directly oriented to the terminal and has no intermediate links, which is beneficial to you.

2、Complete varieties and guaranteed quality

With complete product specifications and large inventory, we can customize all kinds of non-standard special-shaped stainless steel. We can provide series brands and specifications according to customers' needs to meet customers' needs at any time!

3、Professional quality inspectors strictly control the quality

Professional quality inspectors, with many years of quality management experience, have fully implemented a strict quality management system, and the products from raw materials to finished products are safe and reliable!

4、Raw material source assurance

We have established good and close cooperation with large steel enterprises, strictly selected raw materials, monitored every production flow to the factory, and professional customer service is online at any time to solve problems for you!

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