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How to deal with the surface scratch of 304 stainless steel strip

The surface of 304 stainless steel strip of many specifications, such as mirror 304 stainless steel strip, precision 301 stainless steel strip, cold rolled 301 stainless steel strip, etc., is generally very good if required by customers. But generally, if there is a scratch on the surface of the steel strip during delivery or handling, there will be traces on it. This has brought trouble to many manufacturers. In order to ensure the customer's requirements for the surface, the manufacturer will first put a layer of paper on the steel strip or paste a layer of blue film on it during the delivery process. First, it can absorb the oil stain on the surface, and second, it can solve the surface damage. However, sometimes it can not be avoided. When customers arrive, they often get scratches and marks on the surface< br>
So what exactly can be done to eliminate this situation? Our company has also spent a lot of time on such issues. So far, there has been no customer complaint about surface scratches. In fact, in many cases, in addition to the delivery and transportation process, attention should also be paid to achieving zero distance contact when dividing 304 stainless steel strips, which means that machines should be used instead of operations in the process of loading, dividing and blanking. This requires large-scale Slitter slitting machine, and small-scale old-fashioned machines are gradually eliminated. The advantage of the bottom dividing machine is that the 301 stainless steel strip will not be touched directly by manual workers in the whole operation process from the machine to strip dividing and blanking. Aerial crane shall be used for feeding, imported fine wool felt shall be used for slitting, PE film shall be used to wrap the periphery for several circles before feeding, and inner ring shall be used to fix each roll of material, and aerial crane shall be used for feeding. In addition, pay attention to the scratches during handling and delivery, so that the materials will not be squeezed or rubbed. Even if it is sent to the customer, he will not say that there is a problem with your materials< br>
304 stainless steel belt is a high-end raw material, which is more expensive per kilogram. When the surface is scratched, the goods returned by the customer can only be sold at a loss after reprocessing, and the narrow materials can only be treated as waste. Therefore, it is very important to have problems on the steel strip surface< br>