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Polishing performance of 304 stainless steel strip

Polishing performance of 304 stainless steel strip 304 stainless steel series products have obtained very good surface treatment from 304. At this stage, the common appearance solutions in the market can be applied to 304 series stainless steel products< br> 1. The most common products in the dry trial milling market are micro and short wires. The 304 series of stainless steel products after production and processing show outstanding interior decoration effects, which can generally meet the requirements of decoration design data information. Generally speaking, 304 series stainless steel products will produce excellent practical results after monosaccharide cream. Because the cost of this kind of production equipment is low, the actual operation is simple, the production cost is low, and the machine equipment must be selected when it is used as a CNC machining center. Therefore, most of the production and processing materials can be given to long cable and stock short wire grinding plates. During this period, 304 steel accounted for more than 80%< br> 2. Oil mill and art painting 304 series stainless steel products are fully used in elevator cars, electrical products and other decorative design control panels. The cold-rolled 304 series stainless steel products generally use the method of yarn grinding after achieving outstanding effects. At this stage, there are some CNC machining centers on the market that can supply hot-rolled stainless steel yarn grinding for production and processing. Its effect is equal to that of the cold rolling mill. There are also differences between long silk and short silk. The elevator is usually decorated with polyester fiber. There are two kinds of materials available for various small household appliances, kitchen supplies and household appliances< br> 3. 9K solution 304 series stainless steel is significantly better than 200 series stainless steel in 8 K solution. 2B cold rolled surface layer is based on 8 K, and the actual effect of mirror glass is generally achieved according to one-time solution. At present, the 8K grinding technology of sodium cyanide and iron oxide red is widely used because of its high quality, low price and low cost< br> 4. The selection of titanium high-grade building decoration materials has a rich and colorful role. 304 series stainless steel products have been widely used in titanium decoration design, elevator car and engineering building decoration materials< br>